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Property and Asset Management Software

Property and Asset Management Software

As a property asset manager, your primary concern is maximising the return on your investment. Our property and asset management software is specifically designed to ensure you achieve this objective. In-built business intelligence features mean it not only delivers operational efficiency but also acts as a key partner driving accurate and informed management decisions.

With a customer base including some of the largest property development companies in the Middle East and more than 250 property asset management customers worldwide, we have significant experience of supporting a variety of organisations. These range from small private family owners through to multinational institutions businesses managing land assets, residential and commercial portfolios, to those that specialise in retail investments.

You can therefore be assured that you will receive a solution tailored to your exact requirements. This is the case regardless of the type of IT set-up you favour, a traditional ‘on premise’ model or a cloud delivery through our Software as a Service (SaaS) offering (which may provide cost and service improvement benefits over traditional methods).

Our well-known software brands – which include Horizon – set the software standards for real estate professionals across the region. They support a range of business processes, including:

  • Lease management and administration
  • Rent and service charge accounting
  • Income forecasting
  • Accounts payable and receivable
  • Integrated facilities management
  • Purchase ordering
  • Retail management
  • Loan management
  • Integrated general ledger (or API to most ERP systems)
  • Energy management
  • Planned and preventative maintenance
  • Project management
  • Transaction management
  • Document management
  • Business intelligence
  • Web services for data exchange and integration


Benefits of our property and asset management software:

Improve performance

Gain a complete overview of your entire portfolio; find out which of your assets could be performing better and why; understand your tenants’ strengths and weaknesses.

Improve accuracy

Reduce need for more labour intensive and less accurate spreadsheet systems; sophisticated debt control and reporting functionality enables you to collect payments quickly and accurately.

Greater automation

Efficiently structured and automated business processes reduce manual workloads.

Make informed business decisions

Improved intelligence offered by our data-driven reporting functionality means that you act in the best interests of your business; ensure the leases you issue are optimised for your bottom line.

Access from anywhere in the world

2nd generation web design allows you to access all features from anywhere in the world at anytime.

Improve efficiency

Ensure that the teams managing your property portfolio are structured in line with work demands, implement best practice approval processes for your business and gain a total vision of tasks.

Become more environmentally friendly

Gain an insight into energy consumption across your portfolio; work with your tenants to make improvements where possible.

Greater transparency

Our software assists audit compliance and enables you to demonstrate accountability and transparency across your business.

Build stronger relationships

Improve tenant relationships by providing them with data-driven business intelligence and both payment and self-service portals that will improve their overall performance.

Guaranteed flexibility

Our solutions are tailor-made to manage all types of leases, from those featuring the most complex structures to the most simple.

Deliver better customer service

Create better relationships with tenants using payment and self-service portals. Ensure customers have the information that they want when they want it.

Link with other systems

While our solutions are fully featured, you have the option to retain your corporate systems and link these to your property management data.

Qube Horizon online demonstration

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Qube Horizon online demonstration